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We just wrapped up Heritage Festival 2022. Many Polish organizations serviced the Polish pavilion this year, and we would like to thank them. Throughout the three days event, Sunday turned out to be the most unforgettable day. It was when the Polish Canadian Women’s Society of Edmonton was helping out at the Polish pavilion.

To all our surprise, our Ukrainian delegation, headed by Consul General Mr. Oleksandr Danyleiko, stopped by our pavilion.

It is impossible to describe the reaction and shock that we all experienced. It was an incredibly touching and emotional visit filled with warm words of gratitude to every one of us, all Polonia, for the help and support we provided, and still providing, to Ukraine. There were thank you, best wishes, hugs and even tears. However, they were tears of joy, tears of understanding, tears of reconciliation, tears of deep compassion and tears of our emotions.

As a token of appreciation, we received beautiful gifts handmade by local Ukrainian artists. I am writing about it because I would like these sincere words of appreciation from our Ukrainian friends to reach as many of our Polish diaspora as possible. Read on and look at those gifts below.

Consul General Mr. Oleksandr Danyleiko about the visit to our pavilion:

Diana Kotsyuba, the author of one of the commemorative paintings:

Watch the movie of the event: